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Total Engagement Package

Combine technology and marketing to increase your sales!

The Total Engagement Package allows you the ability to find new customers by targeting prospects with an opt-in email campaign. You'll also get a unique landing page to educate your audience using videos and social media and access to our digital retargeting program that allows you to maintain contact and visibility. This program is a proven technique to drive web traffic, promote your brand, increase your sale conversions and ultimately grow your business!

Highly Targeted Prospect Email Program

Target your prospect from our comprehensive database of over 200 million emails
Cost effective way to reach your ideal prospect for pennies per contact
Proven approach to increase traffic to your website
Build brand awareness of your company's name and products

Social Interactive Page

Customized landing page that allows you to communicate with prospects
Engage prospects using social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Promote your products with special incentives
Video demonstrations to educate potential customers

Ad Retargeting

Serve your banner ad to email responders through Facebook, thousands of participating websites, or mobile devices
Maintain contact and visibility with potential customers
Increase sales opportunity by reaching your potential customers up to 7 additional times
Proven technique to improve your sales conversions

The Total Engagement Package is the ultimate marketing experience. Seamlessly integrate and boost your campaigns while staying in front of your qualified target audience!

Are You Totally Engaged?