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Email Marketing

With access to over 150 million consumers and 15 million businesses, our email marketing program may be just what you need to push your marketing efforts to the next level.

All addresses are double opt-in qualified, meaning they are prequalified individuals who have requested and consented to receive email information regarding products of interest. Add in our great assortment of individual selects to choose from and our low minimums and you have a great vehicle to add email marketing to your aresenal.

Database Construction: This information is compiled from a proprietary network of websites (site sources) and surveys, and most importantly, self-reported data. No matter what type of customer you are looking for, Direct Response Lists has a goal of improving your conversion percentages by emailing qualified prospects.

List Select: Target your prospect using hundreds of demographic, geographic and lifestyle variables.

Delivery Guarantee: All of our databases at Direct Response Lists are updated daily to ensure deliverability standards that outperform the industry. Both hard and soft bounce backs are tracked and replaced with a deliverable e-mail address to ensure 100% deliverability. 100% deliverability rates ensure you that your campaign achieves your desired open rates, click rates, and most importantly - conversions.

Deploy & Re-Deploy: We recommend sending a minimum of two to three email deployments to your target audience to introduce yourself and drive your message to maximize results. Ability to change offer and creative on each deployment.

A/B Split: Our automated A/B tracking is now available. Test with two creative and focus on the best performing deployment.

Creative Consultation: We can help you develop an HTML creative that will get delivered and opened. Our graphic designers have been designing customized email campaigns for over 10 years. They see multiple deployments from hundreds of companies and they know how to get your email opened.

Tracking: Robust and accurate tracking reports include: Opens, clicks and the ability to track individual links.

Post-Deployment: Throughout the process, we will re-deploy follow-up emails to the responders who showed an interest in your product or offer. We can tailor a campaign that will immediately send a separate message to all responders. The possibilities are endless. We can offer the email, postal, and phone information for the "clickers" and the "openers" for your follow up. Let us put a custom package together for you.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the quantity of emails and the number of campaigns. Contact our sales department to request a quote.

CAN-SPAM Compliant: 100% Compliant – We meet all FEDERAL AND STATE requirements.

Get Started Today! All we need is the HTML creative, seed lists, from line and subject line. Give us a call to discuss your project.

Why Choose Direct Response?

As an experienced supplier with over 30 years of experience, we have knowledge and expertise to ensure your campaign’s success. We are youre one-stop source with a comprehensive product line covering all of your direct marketing needs. We can save you time by working with one contact who will understand your entire marketing campaign.


Full Service Research Department

Our research staff is working for you! We know how to find those hard to find but valuable lists. Our research staff allows total access to the entire list industry.


Quality Data Guarantee

We stand behind our products ensuring deliverability and compliance. Or 95% deliverability guarantee is one of the highest in the industry. We ensure compliance with all state and federal legislation.


Excellent Customer Service

We received an A+ rating from our customers in regards to turnaround times, order fulfillment, responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction.

Get Started Now!

Our permission based email campaigns offer a flexible, cost effective way to market your products and services. Whether you are targeting consumers or businesses, email marketing is an excellent way to shorten your prospecting cycle with proven and reportable results.

Direct Response is 100% CAN - Spam Act Compliant. Our customers can be assured that Direct Response is compliant with all federal, state, and local laws.